Ahmad Ridho Murdianto?

Ahmad Ridho Murdianto or his official call-name, Ridho/Aridho, is a life learner, caring and thoughtful. his faith, commitment, and natural coriosity all embody who he is, and will always drive his in pursuing his dreams. he love writing and jogging. he keeps some galleries to store anything he would love to write down ( in hardcopy). he is an INFP (introverted, intuitive, Feeling, and perceiving) type of person which is knows as a rare and unique personality according to Jung’s and Myers’. Some of his personal motivational words that he keeps in living a day-by day:
” be with Allah All the way and Allah will be with you along the way”

“i am walking on a road of time, blown by a freezing breezing, here i am searching for a ride of bliss.”
here are just few ways if you would like to connect with his:

Facebook  : Ahmad Ridho Murdianto

IG              : Ahmad Ridho Murdianto